Show Your Teeth

by Hollow Tides

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released March 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Hollow Tides

RIP 2013-2014

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Track Name: Hopesick
I can't help but think that you've forgot about me
You're off at fest while I'm supposed to be sleeping
And I wouldn't wish this on anybody

Cause everytime I try forgetting you
I lose a part of me to something new
I'm either completely numb
or just a friend to you
I'd give up everything if I could just get through

I'm starting to think that I've said too many things
Yeah, you know me, but you don't know what I mean
Sometimes I think you never did

Somedays I feel like I'm barely holding on
Somedays I feel like you're not even worth my thoughts
I needed you the most, when you weren't there
I thought I knew rock bottom but I was so unprepared
I don't want your sorrow or your empathy
but if there's one thing the last six years have made clear to me
Honestly, you mean the fucking world to me
No one and nothing will ever be more important to me

Helpless, yes I'm helpless, gripping onto what's intangible
Hopeless, I'm so hopeless, slowly find my way back to you
Track Name: Kamikaze
You're the worst thing that's ever happened to me
Just so you know, I wouldn't mind tying you up
And dumping you off a thousand miles from home
So if silence is deadly then I guess this is more like letting go
I'll scream it until you hear me, and even then I still don't know...
You're on thin ice and the waters only getting warmer
Kamikaze time bomb intent to take down another, but you won't take me out
Track Name: Forgetting You
I've lost track of the days
And I don't know how to say
Any of the things that would kill
This distance between us but still
I have something to tell you
Just because you disapprove
Doesn't mean it affects what I do
Track Name: Sinkhole
Maybe this year I'll do something more
Get myself off of this floor
But I can't cause this town is a sinkhole
Where you left me with everyone I know
Stop denying your reasons
And realize where they're from
All of those days together
Now look where we've ended up

This place hasn't been the same, since you were around
but here I am, and now I'm ready to go
but you're nowhere to be found
My life was built on yours
so now I'm trying to move forward
Falling for you is never what it seems
or at least that's how it works for me

You said, you'd wait for me and keep the engines on the ground
but here I am, and now I'm ready to go
but you're nowhere to be found
I guess always and forever
only applies in fairweather
You can tell me you're sorry but that doesn't mean shit to me

So tell me what you were thinking
and if it felt right when you were leaving
So i can try to release these demons
all I ask for is a fucking reason
Track Name: Stuckup
I'm waking up to a repeat of yesterday
I step outside as i wait for the light of day
I thought you'd change your mind
but I guess you still feel the same

I've been trying hard to show you what I'm worth
but you make it hard when you're so back and forth
if I let this die, then would you see?
giving up is the only thing that makes sense to me

It makes sense to me...

So don't trip with your nose so high in the air
It must be hard to look down from there
This sick bullshit, you're so used to it
that you do it even when i'm not there

You're so fucked and we know
still you never let go
You and your friends should leave town
and just never come home

You're an open entrance but a broken door
and I just don't feel welcome here anymore

Four walls don't make a home
You'll be cold and alone wherever you go
You could've changed that, yeah i know you know
but your heart's sealed shut, buried long ago

I never meant to just bring you down
but sometimes I need time to figure out
So long, farewell, at least for now
If you change your mind I won't be around

A notch below, a step away
a wasted effort on a rained out day
I'd drop everything if that's what you want from me
but I'm not good enough and I'll never be

Another chance, just one more day
forget your friends just run away with me
I'd show you something no one else could help you see
but I'm not good enough, I'll probably never be
Track Name: Right In Front Of Me
Welcome to the family or at least so they say
I'll keep it together as I count the ways -
These years have brought conflict between us both
I'll choose our tree if you bring the rope

For the want of the nail, yeah the war was lost
And I can't figure out if it was worth it at all
But given the chance, I'd gladly choke
On anything that kept us afloat

All this time, I couldn't see everything that was right in front of me
Track Name: Happy Whatever Day feat. Andrew Karpovck
Sometimes I still visit our old home
the windows are cracked and
its all overgrown and closed off with red tape,
nobody even lives there now and it's such a shame
if you think back to when things were still the same--
we were together but still tearing apart at the seams
but there's no point to dwell on nostaligic thoughts
when all I have left is everything you forgot

Do what you want but you can't destroy my life
I still don't know what you expect of me
No longer will you impede on whats mine,
Hope you enjoyed letting everything go

Watch it slip through your fingertips

I'll count the days
you let everything just fall apart
while you looked the other way
I could've been all the things
you dreamed of seeing
but you could never find the time to say

(Andrew Karpovck of False Narrative-)
Penny for your thoughts
because lord knows you've got your price
and it's nice to know you cared enough
To watch this fall apart
Maybe you'll see
so here's a parting gift for the king of nothing
Hope you enjoyed letting everything go