Overly Honest

by Hollow Tides

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Dylan Fewings
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Dylan Fewings Music to skate fast and spin kick strangers to Favorite track: Right In Front Of Me.
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released July 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Hollow Tides

RIP 2013-2014

Leftover merch-https://hollowtides.storenvy.com/

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Track Name: Right In Front Of Me
Welcome to the family, or at least so they say
I'll keep it together as I count the ways
These years have brought conflict between us both
I'll choose our tree if you bring the rope

For the want of the nail, the war was lost and
I can't figure out if it was worth it at all but
Given the chance I'd gladly choke
On anything that kept us afloat

All this time I couldn't see
everything that was right in front of me
Track Name: Repetition
Maybe things were better when
I was too young to make stupid decisions
Maybe things would get better if
We invested hope in repetition

Drive the stake
Hold your weight
How can you conquer tomorrow
if you can't even take today?

Keep up the pace

You think I don't know
I'm holding on but
slowly letting go

You think I don't see
but everything you omit
stand so clear to me

You keep slipping

You think I don't see
You've stood in the way
of who I want to be

This solid line that I draw
this will never mean nothing at all

Trivial thoughts proved through and through
but everything kept leading me back to you
This can't be an exit or the last thing I do

Drive the stake
Hold your weight
How can I conquer tomorrow if
I can't even take today?